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Straight Stair Lifts

If your flight of stairs has no bends, then a straight stairlift is for you. As the name implies, straight chair lifts start up at the bottom and go up in a straight line to the next floor up.

If your flight of stairs has an angled bend, perhaps with a half landing, then you will need two straight stairlifts (or possibly a curved stair lift – your stairlift manufacturer/installer will be able to give you the best advice on this). Some stair cases even have two angled bends with two half landings between floors. In this case you will need to have three straight stair lifts. This will add to the cost of your stair lift.

It is not easy to choose which is the right type of stair lift for your flight of stairs, and expert advice is recommended. A trained stairlift specialist will visit your house and review your staircase.

For obvious reasons, straight stair lifts are easier to build and install than curved stair lifts. If your staircase is standard, you may find that and ‘off the shelf’ stairlift will suit your needs. Older houses often have non-standard measurements and you should take the advice of your stairlift specialist installer.

If you have a standard staircase, installing a straight stair lift is usually the cheapest and quickest option. However, if you have a non-stardard staircase in any way, you may find that you need to have your stairlift custom built. This adds considerable to the cost of setting up a stair lift.  

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