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Tracking Systems And Devices For Elderly People

Tracking systems for elderly people are useful if the person in question is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. They are also useful if the elderly person has specific medical needs that require a regular medication routine each day as the tracking systems and devices will help you know the elderly person’s whereabouts at all times.

GPS Tracking Systems and Devices

This are very small devices that are usually worn round the elderly person's neck, wrist or ankle. They send out a signal and this means you can track their movements online. For example, if an old person, who is still capable of driving, wants to drive somewhere, you can track their progress and even receive notification when they arrive at their indented destination.

Elderly people who wander

Another use of these tracking systems is if an elderly person is prone to wandering. If a person goes missing you can instantly locate them by looking online.

Taking medication

GPS tracking devices are also useful for finding people quickly if they need to take medication.

Indoor Alarm Systems

Another form of tracing system is an Indoor Alarm System. These devices send out alerts if doors leading to the outside or to basements or attics have been opened. They can also be installed on windows, so you can be alerted if a window has been opened.

These type of wander management systems are made up of sensors placed around the home that report back to a main computer panel. The benefit of these devices is that they track the an old person's movements to make sure that they are not wandering outside.



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