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Time to think about a care home?

Should you put your elderly relative in an assisted living facility?

The number of elderly people in the population continues to increase. This brings with it an increase in the number of senior care homes. The increasing number of care homes means that choosing the right care home for your ageing relatives becomes increasingly difficult. However, many people say that this is not the real issue. The real issue is deciding whether or not to send your relative to a retirement home in the first place.

These days there are many types of assisted living facilities for elderly people. These can include residential care homes, convalescent homes, skilled nursing facilities, homes that specialise in specialist geriatric care such as dementia, long term care facilities and respite care homes to name just a few.

The question you need to ask is whether the aged are better off in senior home cares where other people are going to look after them rather than letting them live by themselves or live with you. If you are faced with this decision, you need to rationalise the arguments for and against.

Effect of guilt

Often people decide to take care of their elderly parents as they grow old. The reason for his is often guilt. People often think that sending a parent to a care home is somehow less than the aged person in question deserves. You could say that the guilt comes from a sense of responsibility and doing the right thing.

However, it should not always be viewed in this way – as a negative action or a form of letting the side down. In fact there are many benefits for seniors who enter long term care facilities and there are benefits for their families too.  

Proper health care

The first and most important factor is that the assisted living facility can provide the aged person with all the care and attention they need. In elderly care facilities, there are teams of doctors and nursing staff who are on hand to take care of the health needs of seniors. They make sure that the resident receives proper health care and receives treatment and medication as required. In addition to doctors and nurses, you will find that care facilities employ psychiatrists, psychologists, and physical therapists who will take care of the mental needs of residents.

Food and diet

Another advantage of care homes is that the food and diet of residents are taken care of.  Good facilities provide nutritious home cooked food with menus specially designed for the needs of elderly people. In addition, care is taken to ensure that residents with specific problems such as diabetes receive the correct type of food.

Regular monitoring

Another good reason for opting for residential care for your elderly relative is that you can be sure that they will receive close attention every day – far more than they would do if they were living on their own. Having your own family to look after is time consuming enough. Having and elderly relative to look after as well can be an exasperating experience and often elderly relatives do not get they attention they need.

 Also, many families are working households with adults and children out all day at work or at school. Elders can be left at home on their own, unable to cope with the responsibility of cooking their own food or keeping themselves clean. This is all taken care of in a residential care facility.


There is often a sense of misplaced guilt about placing your elderly relatives in an assisted living facility, whether it be a care home or a nursing home. In fact, there are many advantages to both the family and the elderly person in such arrangements and many old people are actually much happier inf a care home rather than knowing that they are not a burden to their families.

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