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Caring for elderly people in their own home

May 2008

A new service aimed at elderly people in Cumbria, hopes to enable elderly people to stay out of hospital and in their own homes as far as is possible.

The new scheme requires that care workers are trained to carry out basic basic health care activities as well as their normal social care role. These activities include tasks such as helping with washing, bathing, dressing and attending to basic health care needs.

Cumbria county council has linked up with the Cumbria Primary Care Trust to extend the scheme into Eden and Barrow. Currently the service operates in Carlisle and West Cumbria, where is has contributed to a reduction in hospital admissions for conditions that could be treated at home.

Maintaining independence

The scheme has been applauded for helping elderly people to maintain their independence, especially those who need extra help when they return home after a spell in hospital.


The £480,000 needed to fund the scheme is being jointly funded by the council and the Cumbria Primary Care Trust. The main advantage of the expansion of the scheme means that more elderly people will be able to maintain their independence for longer. Most elderly people want to stay in their own homes and maintain an independent existence as long as possible.

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