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Holidays for the elderley

Holidays for the elderly are very important for a number of reasons:

1) They give elderly people something to look forward to

2) They provide a stimulating change of scene

3) The give elderly people something pleasant and memorable to think about when they get home.

Let's look at each of these in more detail:

1) They give elderly people something to look forward to

An elderly person's daily routine can get tedious, especially if the person concerned has an active mind and has been an active person throughout their life. Having a holiday to look forward to is a great way of giving the person something to look forward to and to plan for. For example, they can research into the holiday destination and find out what there is to do and if going abroad, they can find out more about the geography and culture of their destination. There's also lots of other types of planning involved such as what clothes to take, what books to take and if going abroad, what currency to take.

2) They provide a stimulating change of scene

A change of scenery is a great stimulant for anyone going on holiday, but especially so for elderly people where quite often, they rarely go beyond their own four walls.  The mental stimulation a holiday for senior citizen provides often results in a noticeable alertness that has not been seen for a long time.

3) They give elderly people something pleasant and memorable to think about when they get home.

Another advantage of a holiday is that it gives the elderly person something pleasant to think about for a while after their return, resulting in an improved mood and outlook on life.

Holidays suitable for the elderly

Finding a suitable holiday for an elderly person can be quite a challenge. It depends on how active and mobile the person is. For example, if a person has difficulty walking, the holiday destination needs to be flat  and the accommodation needs to be within easy reach of holiday attractions such as bars, restaurants and shops. If the elderly person is in a wheelchair, even more care has to be taken over selecting a holiday destination as it needs to be equipped with lifts and ramps to allow easy wheelchair access.

Factors to consider when choosing a holiday for seniors

1) You need to consider how much the elderly person can afford. Unfortunately, many elderly people will not be able to afford an expensive holiday, so the cost of a holiday needs to be carefully researched, taking into account the accommodation, food, travel and excursions.

2) You need to consider how active the elderly person is and how much help they will need on holiday. If the senior is not vey active, they will need an active friend or relative to go on holiday with them. If there is a risk of the elderly person falling over or falling out of bed, then you really need to make sure that the elderly person has someone to share a room with.

3) How are far should an elderly person travel? Well the answer to this question is a far as they feel comfortable. You also need to consider the method of travel - whether air, sea or by coach/car. Sometimes elderly people have conditions that prohibit them from travelling by air or mean that they are unable to sit for a long time in a coach or car. In these cases, holiday destinations closer to home should be considered.

Holidays for seniors to consider

There are a number of holiday types that may be suitable for elderly people.

Cruises for the elderly - cruises can be ideal holidays for seniors, especially if you live near a port. Most cruise ships are fully equipped  for the elderly with lifts and ramps to assist people who have difficulty walking. However, you need to research the facilities carefully before booking.

Tour operators who specialise in holidays for the elderly - Saga for example. Saga provide holidays for the over 50s and many of their guests are well into their seventies, eighties or even nineties. However, before booking to need to make sure that the holiday destination is suitable, especially if the elderly person has mobility problems.

Short breaks for the elderly - suitable for those who are unable to cope with a week or more from home or who are on low budgets.

Coach tours for the elderly - ideal if the senior is able to sit in a coach for a few hours. Many coach tour operators run coach tours especially aimed at the elderly and the coaches have lifts to assist those with mobility problems getting on board. The accommodation is usually elderly person friendly too with ramps and lifts to assist with mobility problems.

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