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Used Stair Lifts/Reconditioned Stair Lifts

Stair lifts can be an expensive investment and if a person buying a stair lift is on a tight budget, buying a second hand stair glide is often an attractive option. This articles looks at the advantages of buying a used or re-conditioned stair lift.

Sources of second hand stair lifts

1. Websites specializing in secondhand mobility equipment
2. Private sales via newspaper advertisements
3. Used stair lift dealers


The main advantage is obvious. You can buy a used stair lift at prices well below those for new stair lifts. There are websites that specialize in used stair lifts and if you are prepared to trawl the internet, there are bargains to be had.


In many ways, buying a secondhand stair glide can be as reliable as buying a new one. However, there are a number of disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

1. It virtually impossible to find secondhand chair lifts for curved flights of stairs. The reason is that curved stair lifts are usually custom built for a particular set of stairs and it is very unlikely that a curved stair lift for one wall would fit another curved wall.

2. The cost benefits of buying a used stair lift are doubtful. For example, if you buy a secondhand stair lift from a private seller, it’s likely to be sold as seen. This means that you have no comeback if the stair lift subsequently breaks down and you face an enormous repair bill.

3. A second-hand chair lift is unlikely to come with a warranty if you buy from a private seller.

4. Warranties offered by used stair lift dealers are unlikely to be as long or comprehensive as that for a new stair lift.

5. Faults are more common in used models, so you might find that you face large repair bills that outweigh the cost advantage of buying a second hand stair glide.

6. Finding replacement parts for secondhand models can be difficult, especially if the model is no longer available.

7. You may not have the knowledge to know what stairlift is right for your stairs.


If you are going to buy a second hand stair lift, you need to make sure you do your homework, especially if you are buying from a private seller. Also, used and reconditioned stairlifts are not necessarily the same thing. Reconditioned stairlifts have usually be checked over by the manufacturer and worn out parts replaced. They usually come with a warranty too.

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